Modline Slim Tanks
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SKU: Steel Modline 3100

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A Modline water tank is a great choice for tight spaces. These tanks have flat ends, giving them a modern look and a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity Slimline tank. Choose from a range of popular sizes, or you can make practically any size to perfectly fit the space available. Our Modline water tanks are manufactured using quality genuine Australian Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame. Available in capacities from 770 litres up to 9,000 litres and a huge range of Colorbond® colours.

3100 L (Length 2300, Width 700, Height 2020)

Using Aquaplate® food-grade polymer-coated steel specifically designed for water tanks, the quality of all our water tanks are tested, proven and supported through our wealth of engineering experience. Our Made To Measure tanks are designed to fit perfectly into your space, and they come in 4 different sizes with capacities ranging from 560L to 29,000L.

So we can answer all your questions, check stock availability and process your order, please phone or email Aquality Water Tanks. We will make sure you are choosing the right tank for your property and explain its use, installation and maintenance.

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