Sj100pm Pump


The SJ range is designed with a jet & venturi which is particularly good at purging air from the casing making it ideal for installations with long suction lines or a suction height. 400 Watts – 1.5A – PM10

Price $440.00
SKU: SJ100+PM10

Product Description

The SJ range of Jet pumps is designed to deliver water into the home with ample pressure that can push through small pipes, around elbows, up vertical lifts and through shower roses. The PressMatic switch automatically turns the pump on and off when demanded and protects the pump from operating when there is no water. The PressMatic switch is a reliable, easy to install, cost efficient way to make the SJ range into an automatic water pressure system.


Pump Features
SJ Motor & Pump
Constant Pressure
Loss of Prime Protection
Easy to install swivel connector
Plug & Play electrical lead
Inbuilt check valve
Potable water compliant
PressMatic AS safety compliant
Pump Benefits
Ideal for home, garden or farm
No Maintenance or adjustments
Non-corrosive casing & internals
Anti-Cycling function
Run dry protection
Technical Details
PressMatic – PM10
Cut In – 10 metres
Outlets – 3 outlets
Max Head – 32 metres
Max Flow – 30 lpm

Pump & Acc Order
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