Rural RTO9000
9000 Litres
Diametre 2350 mm
Height 2330 mm
Inlet Height 2220 mm


Price $2,070.00
SKU: RTO9000

Product Description

1 x Inlet Strainer
2 x 25mm brass outlets are moulded into the tank at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions.
1 x 90mm Overflow (supplied)

All tanks include a leaf strainer, ball valve and overflow connection. 100% Polyethylene food grade material. For your assurance of quality & safety – Certified AS/NZS 4766:2006

Crown Force™ Technology involves a new inbuilt centre ‘Crown’ which locks the unique triangular roof fins together, to provide the tank with unprecedented structural Integrity. The walls of the Crown Force™ Tanks are further strengthened by the unique composition of the raw material.

So we can answer all your questions, check stock availability, advise on delivery time and process your order and delivery, please phone or email Aquality Water Tanks. We will make sure you are choosing the right tank for your property and explain its use, installation and maintenance.
All our tanks are high quality, durable, look good & come with warranty.


Our prices include delivery to site for tanks 9000L capacity and over and $275 including GST for delivery of small tanks.  Multiple small tanks (totaling 9000L or over) are delivered free to site (truck access permitting).

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